The Unmapped Construction Story

June 4th, 2017:
Listen my children and you shall hear of the construction story of Unmapped beer.

Way back on January 4th, 2017, we started building the home of Unmapped Brewing Co. on the corner of Eden Prairie Road and Excelsior Boulevard in the Glen Lake neighborhood of Minnetonka.

Taken on January 2nd- just two days before demolition began

Demolition progressed quickly. On January 6th, we started cutting concrete for our trench drains. The aftermath left us with lots of dirt piles and a desire to fly somewhere warm and relax on a beach.

Taken January 6th

Taken January 11th

By February, the underground piping was complete and framing for the bar and various walls was underway.

Taken February 3rd

Next, we cut into the walls to make way for our new garage doors and entrance to the future patio.

Taken February 22nd

Heading into March, the taproom was starting to take better shape. Our walk-in cooler box also arrived and was installed.

Taken on March 8th

Taken March 23rd

While our mill room was under construction, our garage door was installed. The extra natural light makes a big difference!

Taken March 28th

Taken March 28th

As the calendar flipped to April, our lighting and flooring in the taproom were completed. Bathroom tile work was in progress as well.

Taken April 10th

Taken April 17th

Our brewing equipment arrived on a cold late April day. We fought the snow flurries and high winds throughout the day, but we managed to get all our equipment inside safe and sound by nightfall.

Taken April 26th

Taken April 26th

Taken April 26th

Over the next few days we stood the tanks upright (with some help from Murphy Rigging and Erecting- job well done!) and placed the tanks in their proper locations.

Taken April 27th

Taken April 27th

By mid May, our patio was under construction. Even better- our laboratory was completed and our 20bbl brewing system was commissioned. We were almost ready to start brewing!

Taken May 12th

Taken May 17th

Taken May 17th

While we waited on our final approvals to brew, we made a lot of progress on our building’s exterior. Signage was installed and landscaping was completed for the patio and entrance-way.

Taken May 22nd

Taken May 25th

Taken May 26th

Progress continued in the taproom, but on May 30th, we received our final approvals to start brewing! It took a few days more to get everything completely ready for our first brew day, but once we were ready, we really hit the ground running! We managed to complete an epic 27 hour marathon brewing session to get our first three beers into the fermentation tanks.

Now, as we wait for the fermentation process to complete, we are putting the finishing touches on the taproom. We hope to see you all there in just a few weeks!

Thanks for reading and go somewhere Unmapped!