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Thanks for going somewhere Unmapped- if you’d like to know a bit about us, read on!
We poured our first pint at Unmapped on June 17th 2017. Since then, it has been one amazing and wild ride. We are so proud of our incredible staff who brew and pour award-winning and delicious ales & lagers. They are also incredible human beings.

We are woman and LGBTQ+ owned and offer an inclusive and welcoming space to ALL.

Our historical awards:
1st Place Light Lager 2019 MN Brewers Cup: Purgatory Pils
2nd Place Saison/Farmhouse Ale 2019 MN Brewers Cup: Saison Amelie
1st Place American Lager 2021 MN Brewers Cup: Tonka Lite
3rd Place BEST IN SHOW 2021 MN Brewers Cup: Tonka Lite
2nd Place American IPA 2021 MN Brewers Cup: No Trace
3rd Place Belgian/Monastic Ales 2021 MN Brewers Cup: Quadruplication

With a love for all things beer, outdoors, bikes, and coffee, we at Unmapped encourage you to “Go Somewhere Unmapped.” Whether it is travel, food, beer, or something else- try something new everyday and explore the Unmapped!